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Fit Learners with ADHD
Serving Children with ADHD
ADHD has been among the biggest mysteries over the past decade. It has been one of the most commonly diagnosed and misdiagnosed disorders in children. The question still remains—what kind of disorder is it? In the United States, it has been said to be a neurological disorder, solved only by medication. Whereas, the French have long argued that it is more of a behavioral issue.
We at Fit Learning tend to align ourselves with the French on this one. Why? The simple fact is that we see children come into our learning labs bearing the label of ADHD, but after one enrollment in our program they leave as revitalized students. They are more focused, they are more prepared, and most of all—they have the grades to show for it! This success did not come from medication but instead from a renewed sense of confidence. Our program rejuvenated their minds through the reinforcing nature of our methods. In other words, we were able to make learning a fun and engaging process for them.
How likely are children expected to be successful in something they simply don’t enjoy? Not likely, right? By creating an environment that is continuously reinforcing, they begin to perceive learning as fun. Since we teach everything to fluency, our students can return to the classroom more attentive because they can now understand what is being taught. At Fit Learning we not only believe that knowledge is power, but that knowledge empowers the mind to actually crave more and more wisdom.