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Cognitive Fitness within Every Child’s Reach

The Fit MATH Approach

Our approach is guided by research, which shows a building block approach is effective. In other words, for students to readily learn the more complex operations, they must first master the basic skills such as: reading numbers, writing numbers, place values, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, rounding, etc. In our definition of “Mastery,” accuracy alone is insufficient, as speed/efficiency is an equally-important part of this equation. After all, if we expect mastery in reciting the alphabet, why should we hold other skills to a lower standard?

The Fit READING Approach

The solution lies in building accuracy and fluency in those component skills necessary for reading: phonemic awareness, decoding words, sounding out words and auditory processing skills. If proficient reading goes unaddressed, it impacts spelling, learning foreign languages, and even solving math problems. 

When reading efficiency is not addressed, gaps begin to form in many facets of the learning environment. If these gaps are not filled, they eventually become gaping holes that result in major life deficiencies. In an article within the Journal of Pediatrics, it was said – Achievement Gaps in Reading Present as Early as First Grade and Persist Through Adolescence. At Fit, it is our goal to fill these gaps as early as possible in order to prevent bigger problems from arising later.


The Fit LOGIC Approach

Once our assessment identifies the gaps in the foundational skills for logical reading; describing and classifying, relational skills, categorization, etc, we design a personalized curriculum to build fluency in these foundational skills which are essential for all higher level executive function. Common challenges faced by students with poor logical reasoning skills include difficulties with:

  • Making inferences / conversational skills
  • Generating ideas / making connections
  • Solving math word problems
  • Creative / expressive writing
  • Reading comprehension


Our Lil’ Fits Approach

The Lil’ Fits assessment provides a very holistic overview of your child’s early cognitive development and classroom readiness for 3 to 5-year-olds. At Fit, our goal is to help young children get an early start on relational math concepts, language building, listneing, understanding, following instructions, and reading readiness. Addressing all these behavioural aspects of learning at this early stage, provides a jumpstart to school success. Our Lil’ Fits students demonstrate the following school readiness skills:

  • Strong Sitting
  • Strong Responding
  • Active Listening
  • Following Multiple Step Directions
  • Attend in All Types of Settings
  • Fluency in Pre-Reading / Math Skills