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Remote Services
While one may argue that there is no substitute for conducting educational services in person, we have managed to find a worthy substitute. Our remote education services are designed to replicate the very methods that we use at our learning labs, but through digital media in lieu of direct interaction.
Results Matter
Despite any initial concerns, the results have been staggering! We have been able to closely reproduce the outcomes from our live sessions. We take pride in our ability to advance students 1-2 grade levels in 40 hours of instruction. Now we can achieve this both live and online! It is important to mention that our digital results do come with one important caveat…
Fit Learning In Person and Virtual Comparison
Meeting the Criteria

Unfortunately, not all students will qualify for our digital program. Certain children with special needs, learning disabilities, or ADHD may have difficulty with sustained concentration under this format. Since results mean everything to us, we will not proceed unless a child can achieve our desired outcomes. As a result, it is necessary to qualify students for this program before we can begin.