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When you go to the doctor with a complaint of pain in your chest, what is the protocol? Is it your expectation that the doctor simply prescribe medication; without conducting a series of tests to determine the root cause of the problem?

Probably not, your expectation would be that the doctor does a thorough analysis of ‘why’ the pain is occurring and then recommends a treatment plan to address the issue once and for all.

That is exactly the approach we take at Fit learning. We are EDUCATIONAL SCIENTISTS who pride ourselves in taking a very DIAGNOSTIC approach to not only improve your child’s performance in school, but to address the REASON your child is STRUGGLING.

Initial assessment:
This comprehensive assessment identifies any ‘GAPS’ in their foundational skills in a subject i.e. Math, Reading or Logical reasoning. Our testing methods evaluate how accurate and fluent your child is in these foundational skills. We also specialize in intervening with any behaviors which might be impeding learning? (Difficulty with ATTENTION, sitting still, FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS etc.)
Customized Curriculum:

Your child’s test scores are then analyzed to develop a PERSONALIZED
academic plan addressing not only the academic deficits, but also any learning DIFFERENCES or BEHAVIORS impacting learning. Our goal is not only to improve your child’s test scores, but to make your child become an expert LEARNER.

Fit enrollment:

Our 1:1 sessions are like participating in the academic OLYMPICS. They are high-energy, fast-paced with not a moment to spare sessions; focused on building FLUENCY and MASTERY in the foundational skills. Our CERTIFIED Fit learning tutors are called COACHES because their method of training resembles that of an athletic trainer. ur coaches are trained to MOTIVATE and precisely MEASURE progress throughout each and every session, to MAXIMIZE your child’s PERFORMANCE.

40-hour Re-assessment:
Comparative test scores collected at the initial enrollment and then at the 40 hour mark, allow us to measure overall progress and allow you as a parent to experience the truly TRANSFORMATIVE benefits of our program within 3 months of enrollment. We also administer the same Standardized testing used in the US public schools (CBM’s) on a weekly basis to ensure generalization of skills.