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Fit Learning is a revolutionary science-based learning program that is unlike anything else. This unique approach was developed by its founders Doctors Kimberly and Nicholas Behrens in New York City. With the help of Dr. Aditi Mehra (Fit Learning Chicago) and her partner Ingy Alireza, the London community is now privileged to have England’s first Fit Learning Lab.
The distinction of Fit Learning lies in its methodology, which is derived from Learning Science, Precision Teaching and Direct Instruction. Behavioral Science and the principles of learning have shown that children are more engaged if they feel reinforced by the learning process. Our teaching approach fosters a love of learning through providing a continuously encouraging environment. Because it is a one-on-one format between teacher and student, this allows for optimal praise. Within most school systems, individual students rarely get the opportunity to be the center of attention, so this proves to be incredibly enriching to children.

The Direct Instruction (DI) side of the equation has as its mission to instill fluency in the learning process. The Fit style of DI equates to a fast-paced, back-and-forth engagement between teacher and student. It is what some have aptly called “The Learning Olympics”. Much of the problem students have in traditional learning environments is that the material is rarely learned to fluency. Given the fact that the academic structure flows from the basic (early education) to the complex (higher education), fluency is an essential ingredient in this process. At Fit Learning, our mission is mastery at every level. No child advances to the next level until he or she was fluent in the earlier content.

What does all this mean in laymen terms? Your child can advance 1 academic year in 40 hours of instruction. How? Simple! By using the above strategies, we can fast-track the process through an engaging one-on-one environment. School environments neither have the time nor resources to pull aside individual students and provide the individualize attention that we can.

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