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At Fit Learning, we are not teachers or tutors, but rather coaches! More specifically, we are cognitive coaches. Teachers are heroes and they should be commended for their selfless dedication within the countless classrooms throughout the world. Tutors are likewise incredibly helpful, but they frequently serve a “reactive” function by helping students play “catchup” after falling behind on their studies.

What is the Fit Learning Coach?

We choose to call ourselves coaches, because we are instilling life-changing habits that students can carry with them throughout their academic journeys. Think about the role of a football coach. The process begins with basic passing drills, then progresses to juggling the ball from right foot to left. As the juggling improves, a child may go from 10 to 20 to over 100 consecutive juggles. Once a child exceeds one hundred, then muscle “memory” has essentially been achieved. The feet simply know how to respond.

At Fit Learning, we share the same philosophy as coaches, as we also seek fluency. Rather than achieving fluent ball movement, we are seeking fluent learning. We also start with the basics and advance to the more complicated material. After all, how can a child be expected to succeed with long division if he or she struggles with basic arithmetic? Also, how much easier would our studies be if we knew everything as well as we know the alphabet? We don’t have to think about the ABCs—we simply know them!

This is precisely why we call it Cognitive Coaching. Once every concept becomes as fluid as the alphabet, it is as though the brain has been rewired for a seamless learning process. Once learning becomes easy, learning becomes fun. Once it becomes fun, then children truly enjoy it and the whole process becomes “reinforcing.” As cognitive coaches, it is our main objective to transform learning to a reinforcing activity for children. Once learning becomes easy to them, they will actually enjoy attending school. Now, wouldn’t that be great?

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